Micro Markets

A Modern Breakroom Solution
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Micro Markets

What are they and how do they work?

Micro markets are a modern breakroom solution that provides delicious snacks, beverages, and full meals on site.

Upgrade your breakroom to boost morale, increase productivity, and attract talented workers.

Micro markets are a secure, unattended breakroom setup loaded with a huge customizable variety of food, snack, and beverage options for you and your fellow employees.


Select your favorite item from the micro market.


Scan it at our interactive touchscreen.


Pay however you’d like – cash, card, or virtual wallet.


Enjoy a delicious snack or meal without the need to leave the office!

Easy Checkout Management

Snack racks, coolers, and freezers are paired with a self-checkout kiosk to provide your company with easy access to fresh foods, delicious sandwiches, nutritious salads, specialty drinks, high quality coffee, and everyday essentials

Remote Market Management

Want to check on your market remotely? Access your market anywhere anytime through the Koin app. Use Koin to manage your market account, check inventory, provide service feedback, or pay for your product. All from the convenience of your mobile phone.

How To Get Started

Our team will work with you to create a tailor-made solution for your workplace. We’ll identify your organization’s unique needs and create a custom micro market setup to accommodate them. Once installed, we’ll routinely service the micro market to make sure your favorite items stay stocked.

We’ll will even consult micro market data to make sure we’re providing products that are unique to your company’s tastes and preferences. The best part? We’ll install and service your micro market at no cost to you. Simply provide the space, power supply, and an internet connection, and we’ll do the rest. With your micro market, you’ll have access to a modern breakroom solution that makes your team feel happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

Get started today and upgrade your breakroom experience.




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